Main Parts of Automobile

Main Parts of Automobile  – In this article, you will learn in details about the components and parts of automobile. Keep reading. Components, Parts of Automobile.
An automobile has several numbers of parts. But there are four essential components of automobile. These are:

The Chassis.

The Engine.

Apart from these four essential parts of automobile, there are controls and auxiliaries.

The controls are meant for controlling the movement of the vehicle. The auxiliaries are additional components meant for providing comfort to the user of the automobile.

Main Parts of Automobile

The Chassis.

The chassis of an automobile incorporates all the major assemblies consisting of an engine, components of transmission system such as clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, axles, a control system such as brakes and steering, and suspension system of the vehicle.

In other words, it is the vehicle without its body.

The chassis of an automobile has the frame, suspension system, axles, and wheel as the main components. The frame could be in the form of conventional chassis or unit construction may be adopted.

In a conventional chassis frame, the frame forms the main skeleton of vehicle. It supports engine, power transmission, and car body.

The frame is supported on wheels and axles through springs. The frame carries the weight of the vehicle and passengers, withstands engine, transmission, accelerating, and braking torques.

The Engine.

The engine is the source of motive power to an automobile. Obviously, it is a very important part of the automobile because in the absence of an engine, the automobile may not move at all, and its basic function of transporting passengers or goods would be defeated.

The power of the engine determines the working of the automobile. In the same manner, the efficiency of the engine determines the efficiency of an automobile.

The engine, nowadays, is invariably an internal combustion engine. This may be a spark-ignition engine consuming petrol as fuel.

Alternatively, it could be a compression ignition engine using diesel as fuel.

The engines used are multi-cylinder engines. A single-cylinder engine, though capable of providing the desired power may become very heavy and therefore may be unsuitable.

In a multi-cylinder engine, each cylinder handling a smaller amount of power may keep engine light in weight. In an internal combustion engine, total heat produced by the burning of fuel is not converted into work.


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